Bridget Hayden – Incantations From Yin Valley (Fort Evil Fruit)

a4265362046_10‘Incantations From Yin Valley’ begins like a heads-down doom rock noodler in the vein of Bardo Pond but the warm fuzz refuses to settle into a consistent groove. This sets the tone for the rest of the album, throughout the tape any propulsive force is usually smoothed out laterally into slow drones and swells. Bridget Hayden is a member of a number of outer-limits ensembles, including Vibrocathedral Orchestra, but here presents a solo tape on Fort Evil Fruit mostly made with synth and voice but with the addition of guitar at points, especially during a beautifully bleak stumbling coda.

Scorching heat is a constant audio illusion. The burnt psych of Yellow Swans can be detected in Haydn’s voice intoning who-knows-what, seemingly through a broken megaphone at the bottom of a well full of cooling ashes. The arid burnt synths spring forth shoots and curls of bass tendrils, looping back on themselves and flowering into licking tongues of rhythm like the green shots of predatory otherworldly flowers. The song titles evoke the rain but it’s hard to imagine any water surviving for long in the radiation buzzing off these electrical fire-ballads; every one a low throbbing bluesy ode to heat and baked circuitry.

‘Incantations…’ is a stifling embrace in sound, the audio space is cauldron-like: rusty, enclosing, inescapable. Hayden, a genie in a half-melted lamp, refusing to come out but bellowing muffled cryptic hymns from within, granting the listener not wishes but instead, delightfully crispy siren songs.

For more information on Bridget Hayden’s work, see her website: Not Waving Or Drowning. Some of her solo releases are collected here.

Buy ‘Incantations From Yin Valley here.

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