Fallout Shelter Disks

Credit: James Vaughan X-Ray Delta One under a Creative Commons license

Ears For Eyes runs an interview series called Fallout Shelter Disks. Individuals, duos, 27-piece free-jazz orchestras, occult hauntological entities or sentient generative computer music viruses, select which six albums/songs/EPs, a book and a luxury item to take down into a bunker should the apocalypse occur. A conversational exchange then takes place in a manner that in no way resembles a certain BBC Radio 4 programme.

The choices must be made wisely, they will be the subject’s cultural companions until the air and food run out or they’re devoured by giant irradiated mutant rodents.

Read the end-of-the-world tracks of previous bunker inhabitants:

Sophie Cooper

Elizabeth Veldon

Mark Chickenfish (Concrete/Field)

Mark Kluzek (Doomed Bird of Providence)

IX Tab

Jonny Maybury and Paul Snowdon (Psychological Strategy Board)

If you would like to be the subject of a Fallout Shelter Disks, please contact Ears For Eyes here.