Phil Legard – Hesperian Garden (Larkfall)


A lilting conversational tone opens ‘Hesperian Garden’ by Phil Legard; voices synth-mashed into Enochian John Dee angel burble, layered and accumulated gradually. The unhurried moss-like thickening of detail is a musical strategy employed throughout this album. Drones build in stature, becoming steadily more malign and dark. The third track ‘Threshold II’ is a highlight, incongruously baroque among the steady-state throb of much of ‘Hesperian Garden’, it urgently blasts clusters of church-organ bleats and stops-out groaning low-end gusts. I picture ‘Threshold II’ soundtracking a Werner Herzog documentary on the Cerne Abbas giant, including a brief scene of the director looking unimpressed at the souvenir tea towels in the local village.


‘Hesperian Garden’ is ceremonial music for lost practices, modern electronics evoking the sound of wind through fields of menhirs. Music for prising open the barrier between the ancient and now.

Buy ‘Hesperian Gardens’ at Bandcamp here

Read Phil Legard’s blog here

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