The Geography Trip’s 2013 Round-up

The Geography Trip is a label exploring the “the strange, the odd, and the ramshackle” through some amazing music. Here is their look back at 2013.


Geography Rob’s Top Ten Tapes of Two Thousand and Thirteen.
Numerical position does not necessarily indicate preference. All of these releases are super.

1. Knock of the Shoe by Canonbury (Exotic Pylon)
Favourite track: Bodmin Fence (Kemper Norton via Wadebridge Remix).
Grip the barbed wire and wait for the pulse to spit you out.

2. The Works of Miss Charlotte Greave by Beynon Archival (I Had an Accident)
Favourite track: Lunar Downs Part II 1978.
Swallowed in one by the reflecting moon.

3. Hot Jone by Maurice’s Hotel Death (Rano)
Favourite track: Jone.
Life support miasma.

4. The Spy Who Loved Me Soundtrack (United Artists Records)
Favourite track: Bond 77.
Rushed hands on yellow piping.

5. Press Your Hand to the Sky by Lumbers (Self Released)
Favourite track: Hauntology.
Scenes from a photographer’s dark room (now disused).

6. Where Does it Come From by Looks Realistic (Constellation Tatsu)
Favourite track: Sleep Cadet.
Your eyelids, unfurling velvet sails.

7. Decency Rally by Run Dust (Tesla Tapes)
Favourite track: Got a Picture.
I plugged in.

8. CR – 08: Split II by Les Halles / Magnétophonique (Carpi Records)
Favourite track: Fotex
I hear voices in the water, running backwards up the valley.

9. Liverpool Festival of Psychedelia (Pzyk)
Favourite track: ‘In Your Eyes’ by The Lucid Dream
And now I got the devil.

10. Samekh by JG/BC (Fallow Field)
Favourite track: Hausos Awakes
The mountainside crumbles, hidden places revealed.


Explore the wonderful music of The Geography Trip here, and through their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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