Elizabeth Veldon’s 2013 Round-up

Elizabeth Veldon is a prolific experimental noise musician working with feedback tones, found sounds, and loops, and also involved in the Noise in Opposition project. Here are Elizabeth’s 2013 favourites.


1.      Lal Waterson. Teach me to be a summer’s morning. Topic, cd and book. Lal Waterson’s greatest record has long lay in the obscurity of copyright hell so this collection of alternative versions of some of her most famous songs is welcome especially as it comes with a book showing her handwritten lyrics, drawings and paintings. Lal’s music is half forgotten but is some of the most challenging, often terrifying songwriter of the British folk tradition.

2.      Eliane Radigue. Adnos 1 – 3. Important Records, three cd box set. This is a key work in the development of electronic minimalist music and one of the most beautiful and spiritually uplifting works ever conceived.

3.      Laura Mulvey and Peter Woollen. Riddles of the sphinx. Bfi, dvd/ blu-ray. Not the must avant film of all time but it’s discussion of the intersecting spaces of feminism, union activism, sexuality and racism seem still relevant. The film’s long middle section contains one of the most thrilling moments in cinema history as the filmmakers catch their own reflection in a series of mirrors.

4.      Various Artists. Noise In Opposition. Noise In Opposition, download/ dvdr. I was proud to be part of this wonderful collection of artists standing against the hate that so often clouds the underground music scene.

5.      Gerard Byme. Gestalt Forms Of Loch Ness: Grid, Site, Sequence. MK Gallery. Though this was not published last year I think it deserves a mention. This book comprises a discussion of the possibility of conducting an investigation into the landscape of loch ness through the use of old photographs and a possible site visit but there is another, hidden narrative which only surfaces occasionally in mentions of ‘sightings.’ The embarrassment of the writer about their hopes for what may or may not happen at a site visit makes it very funny.

6.      Peter Greenway. A Zed And Two Noughts. Bfi, blu-ray. I’m not convinced about the whole blueray thing, I’m more than half convinced that it’s just a way to get us to pay twice for the same product but with a film as visually rich as this the medium does it wonders.

7.      Jill Cook. Ice Age Art: Arrival Of The Modern Mind. The British Museum. Both gorgeously illustrated and informative.

8.      Various. Ghost Stories For Christmas. Bfi, dvd box set. Classic television from the bbc finally collected together.

9.      Philip Corner. Battutosso/ Bone Pulse. Ricerca Sounds, lp. Well it’s Philip Corner.

10.  Carl Watkins. The Undiscovered Country: Journeys Among The Dead. Bodey Head. This history of funerary traditions in (mainly) England and Wales) provided me with quite allot of material for music this year.


Elizabeth’s Bandcamp can be found here, Soundcloud here, and Twitter here.

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