Mark Chickenfish’s 2013 Round-up

Mark Chickenfish is the Chief Sound Manipulation Officer in Concrete/Field. Mark is also behind the Noise in Opposition project, a compilation series inspired by Elizabeth Veldon’s experience of being a feminist in a male-dominated genre. The series aims to combat misogyny, fascism and prejudice in the noise and extreme electronics scenes. Noise in Opposition has so far spawned two excellent compilations, and an EP from Elizabeth; all full of righteously brilliant noise; it is fast becoming an essential collection of music, furious in intent and quality. Ears for Eyes intends to cover this all in more depth next year; for now, here are Mark’s musical selections from 2013.


Various – The Outer Church
Epic documenting of the many wyrd and wonderful artists who have been glimpsed through the portal so far.

Hermione Harvestman – Ghosts (Four Stories by MR James)
Epic occult electronics.

Isobel Ccircle – Eyes In The Ground
Terrifying drone ‘n’ crunch from April Larson vs The Revenant Sea.

Kemper Norton – Carn
“Folk” as in “Coil”, timeless hidden England evoked.

April Larson – Small Pieces Of Sky
Beautiful yet uneasy droning.

Lost Trail & The Implicit Order – The Blackridge Tapes
Lost in the woods at night, no hope of rescue for you.

Mach1nes 0f 1ndeterm1nate 0r1g1n – 1.0-Sympt0ms
Post-punk doom duo ploughing their own furrow. Only “metal” band I know who name Kurt Schwitters as an influence.

Sleaford Mods – Austerity Dogs
The punkest album this century, grabs you by the throat and calls you a wanker to your face.

The Revenant Sea – The Revenant Sea
Cold War spyplane/UFO encounter drone epics.

Run The Jewels – S/T
Second punkest album of the year, a hiphop masterclass.


Mark’s Twitter page can be found here, and his blog here. The amazing Noise in Opposition can be explored here.

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