a0750328634_10Trepanning psychedelic brain-funnels more than reality-based music artefacts, Yoshimi  P-We’s releases have long been transcendental experiences. From Boredoms to OOIOO and Free Kitten, Yoshimi has been a pyschonaut of great distinction. After her journey into gamelan with OOIOO’s Gamel, SAB SE PURANI BAB by her latest group, SAICOBAB, turns its focus on classical Indian music, exploring its affinities with Japanese music and spiritual practice.


The results are as fried as you could expect: bass spy-noir funk-work licks up against  vocal clicks and springy sitar convulsions; a sort of psychic espionage occuring, rifling through filing cabinets filled with blinking eyes and sweating pineal glands. Rapid flickering percussion. Yoshimi’s vocal attention bounces around – hoots, screams and screeches, gameshow doo-doo-doos, wild scatting, burping eruptions. The sitar playing through endless iterative repetitions. Electronics, rhythm section and sitar occasionally locking into tight downhill full-speed locomotion.

SAB SE PURANI BAB is an elastic album. Electronic processing adds a melting heat and abrasion to an already liquid soundscape. Passages of relative stasis and melodicism are finely balanced with outer-limits wobble attacks. There is a relentless agitation to much of its duration. Interruptions of noise and other disruptive strategies stab at the virtuosic string bending and complex composition.

A brilliant and maddening release, SAB SE PURANI BAB will do your head in, in all the right ways.

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