Various Artists – Under the Concrete / The Field (Herhalen)

a0488274057_10Like the skip-dived debris Concrete/Field repurposed for A Theory of Psychic Geography, Under The Concrete / The Field takes form from the work of artists making their own connections between their ideas and Concrete/Field’s discarded sounds. Not having heard the original material is a benefit here, you’re able to enjoy the music in itself without become overly alert for the source sounds. Concrete/Field made the Hidden Workings album from some of this stuff and Luke Lund has also had a crack at in on Induktio (Induction). These seeds have been fertile and diverse musical catalysts even if Concrete/Field felt frustrated with them. Tossed to the wind like this, they’ve found good homes.


The analogue drift and meandering sci-fi bloop on Wound’s No Help For That. The bass horror-synth and faltering beat of Scorched Earth Policy by AMANTRA is especially good, fragile and forthright in equal measures, a track in the process of perpetually, gracefully falling over. Matt Warren’s Disco Midge broadcasts faulty, hair-clogged extractor-fan noise-mulch. Kek-W produces one of the best tracks, a panning insect-chitter feedback croon on A Fax From Philip Glass, that moves into strange Hammer organ gothic territory as it progresses. Scotopus contributs a throbbing low pulse on the radioactive Buffed, Waxed and Polished. Crunchy bit-crushed clockwork techno is ground out of Encountering Difficulties With Your Preferred Location by Cauterized.


Uniting these tracks is their focus on texture, harsh surfaces glaringly illuminated. The bits and fragments of Concrete/Field’s offcuts, smashed further. Ground into new weird shapes. A crowd-sourced archaeology, but one where the artists have invented a new history.

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