Ian Stonehouse – Voyage en Kaleidescope (The Lumen Lake)


Voyage en Kaleidescope’ was assembled by Ian Stonehouse over a number of years and consists of collages of field recordings and found sounds, manipulated into strange new forms, released now after a ‘maturation period’ presumably watched over like an anxious scientist observing some writhing, worryingly vigorous slime-mould stressing the boundaries of its glass dish. The tracks making up the album are works of obsessively detailed loops, erratically orbiting an occult influence of inscrutable meaning (check out the incomprehensible nature of some of the album notes).

Opening with a deluge of rain on ‘Vitriol’, and a radio sweeping across bands in search of a station, occasionally alighting on sounds out of the static, an eerily tinkling tune, a voice: “who shall deliver me from the body of this death?”; the track also drizzles with vinyl crackle and a sense of something being searched for: a fate being unsuccessfully scried in rivulets of water down a window pane. The rest of the tape stumbles around eclectically; a confusion of riches. ‘Dog Morrow’ mixes synth froth with voices compacted into short bird-barks, baubled with clacking pool balls. The flickering mess of ‘Moribund Deck Five Moon’ is a 70s sci-fi starship bridge in a lurid tape-gaggling plunge down a black hole. An absurdist nightmare springs forth on ‘Muted in the Broken Unresponsive Garden’, TV themes are cut up with ragged incisions and bursts of static, language endlessly worried over and smashed of meaning. The tape even finds time for the mangled strobing junglism of ‘Solve et Coagula.’


‘Voyage en Kaleidescope’ is an alchemic compilation of sounds mulched into closely locked loops, its mysterious base elements transmuted into revolving sound drills.

For more information on the label releasing this tape, Lumen Lake, see here.

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