Nemeton with Emily Burridge and Karen Wimhurst (self-released)

a3072340604_10Nemeton (aka Adrian Newt on, field recording, sound processing and editing) is an ambient artist interested in deep ecology, an environmental philosophy that puts humans on a level with all other living things, an idea that permeates right down to the roots of ‘All Trees Are Clocks‘.

Field recording of woodland sounds: bees, birds, wind and rustle. Scraped cellos add a hazy blur to the scene, a gloaming. Each bowed sweep of the strings mirroring the slow inexorable growth of plant life. Choir hums and swifter fiddlings dapple the music. If this all sounds a bit self-conciously ‘magic hour’ to you, a full-Mallick confection in sound, it isn’t at all. It is subtle, but purposeful. An evocation of woodland growth conjured in engaging cello improvisations and vocal arrangements. The environmental sounds act as white-noise after a time, filtering out distractions from the cello playing, the background natural interference lending focus and clarity to the more recognisably human work. ‘All Trees Are Clocks’ contains some  beautiful, unhurried music. The ticks and clicks are beats made from snapped twigs and branches. The voice and cello often drop out entirely leaving the woodland to sing for itself.

Nemeton, with Emily Burridge (cello composition and performance) and Karen Wimhurst (choral composition and performance), have made a symbiotic eco-system of sound, concept and musical practice bound in closely twisted branches.

Buy ‘All Trees Are Clocks’ here.

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