Reviewed: S/N Measures – Prion EP (Arell)

a1789020886_10The ‘Prion EP‘ is fierce stuff. Metallic and bilious even in its quieter moments. Comprising a single 15 minute reconstruction of a live improvisation, S/N Measures have, on this debut release on the Arell label,  sculpted a discrete piece of bleak horror. The synth sound palette is minimal and tightly focussed: clanking rust-scrapes, dog-growl bass rumbles, sped-up coat hanger railing run-along, steam eruptions. On a micro-level it is a petri-dish of activity, detailed and churning; from a view further out, it is stately and unhurried, simple in its slowly unfurling attack. And attack it does, a languid, constricting curl around your leg; the Alien, appraising Lambert, unhurried.

Created by Luke Lund and Cecilia K, it bodes very well for any future collaborations they have planned. The Arell label has been in operation since 2015 and releases limited edition postcards with beautiful black and white images that contain your download code. Look out for a more in-depth look at the label in a future Ears For Eyes post.


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