Reviewed: Wood N Head / Marlo Eggplant


Wood N Head – s/t (Rano)

It’s great to see Rano back releasing music after a lengthy gap, the label last putting out ‘Anti Gravity Tea Ceremony‘ by kuxxan SUUM in 2015. The label returns with a self-titled tape by Wood N Head as weird as anything Rano has ever unleashed. ‘Maid of the Mist’ is wobbly whistling flu-rave with a snoozy fugue fade out. ‘The Importance of Dreaming’ is a soundscape evoking the episode of the Simpsons with the Guatemalan Insanity Pepper. ‘Totem’ has aqueous bass hum in conversation with a voice coming and going, issuing instructions aiding your space travel in the manner of the soft blur of a meditation tape, before morphing into pulsing dubbed-out echo-step packed with radiation fuzz and whispering wet-voiced monk chant; a blown-out collage mixtape approach, like some of Burial’s later releases. Welcome back Rano!

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