Tapiwa Svosve and Julian Chalabi – bracket bracket bracket (Raw Tonk)


‘bracket bracket bracket’ is a succinct EP full of ideas from the hands and minds of Tapiwa Svosve (alto saxophone, cassette player) and Julian Chalabi (guitar).  ‘Stendreck’ finds burring saxophone lapping against fluctuating tape echo and boat motor noise; the two elements playing coincidentally rather than in sympathy, each chasing its own tail in isolation; the middle point, the music, formed from the churn and friction at their adjoining borders.  ‘Future Shores’ is pulsing electric guitar throb and overheated sax honk, the players more closely aligned here; eruptions of pedal manipulated hum, the roar of electricity in beautiful union with the coarse buzz of straining lungs through mouth and reed.  ‘2’ is a highlight, an accumulating ticking bricolage of amplified dust, string klang and sharp guitar notes picked out in clusters of folkish loops, sounding like a vinyl copy of ‘Live From a Shark Cage’ left out in the sun for days; it is weirdly danceable before a violent carpet tug pulls the ground away and the sax wails in spluttering pain on the smashed-ankles coda of ‘Dawn Chorus.’  ‘bracket bracket bracket’ is another excellent release from the Raw Tonk label.
Grab a copy from here.

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