Neil Metcalfe and Daniel Thompson – Eight Improvisations (Creative Sources Recordings)

This set of eight improvisations from Neil Metcalfe (flute) and Daniel Thompson (guitar) is conversational and sparsely lyrical, an affable communion rather than a locking of horns; each player deeply attuned to the actions of the other.  Metcalfe for the most part draws fluid mercurial lines, often dissipating into dots of delicately suspended ellipses that dart away in separate directions like sparrows on a breeze.  Thompson is, by contrast, taut and nervy, often impetuous: sudden flurries of activity erupt from fidgety restlessness without warning and subside just as quickly.  On ‘Third Improvisation’ he is soothed by the curls and cool arcs of Metcalfe’s high whistling flutter; becalmed, he is still a fascinating player, tiny gestures are repeated and built upon or rested aside to be restored again later. 
‘Eight Improvisations’ is a compelling collection of duo performances, Thompson’s cross-hatched scribble outlined in bold swooping circles of flute; a gracefully chaotic dance, a thoughtful melding of minds.
Purchase the album here.

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