Dieter Moebius – Nidemonex (More Than Human)

‘Nidemonex’ by Dieter Moebius is the latest in More Than Human’s highly desirable vinyl EP series; the label so far having released a clutch of excellent records, most recently Time Attendant’s ‘Treacherous Orb.’  Moebius fails to rest on his considerable laurels here, instead creating a sinister and dark work, as scabrous in texture as it is in tone.

‘Inmedin’ is a drifting cloud of chattering chime and singing sheet-metal, gradually burnished into a dark brassy shine by a malevolent bass line and an occasional beat like a dog coughing into a glass bowl.  ‘Zytos’ is less dense but no less arresting; reversed robot chatter and degraded field recordings of asteroid mining complexes compete with repetitive industrial hammers demarcating a primitive and crude machine rhythm.  Final piece ‘Xenos’ has drilling shrill radio frequencies scanned and discarded, a rising and falling off-waltz low-end  judder; weirdly liquid, the synths squirm and complain under congealing toxic rubbery matter; a seizure-like slap-basis interval occurs in dialogue with the circuitry of sparking android songbirds.

‘Nidemonex’ is a sparse and dark trio of communications from strange echoing spaces.  Oddtronic space music with a distinctly uncosmic intent, Ballardian in its alien sense-fractured topography; not so much bathing in the majesty of stars as shivering in some radiation-shattered derelict hulk, hopelessly adrift and crumbling, the vessel’s SOS subverted into unreadable obscurity. 

Acquire ‘Nidemonex’ here.

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