Broetzmann / Adasiewicz / Edwards / Noble – Mental Shake (OTOROKU)

Wasting no time in getting started, Peter Broetzmann begins ‘Mental Shake’ with a harsh piercing buzz of rusted saxophone holler, the rest of the group wobbling into form behind him. Steve Noble (drums) and John Edwards (bass) are a proliferating complexity of beats and accruing rumble; Jason Adasiewicz’s vibraphone dropping small calm raindrop chimes into the thickening deluge. A condensing swirl, mass and weight gather about the players with increasing density for its opening minutes, an intense sucking undertow developing with each passing moment, a crashing wave building and dissipating into frothing broiling surf. It is at moments like this that the band display their improvising genius, momentum and darting movement appearing again from a froth of scattered parts; Adasiewicz offering soft dabs of ringing sound, his delicacy in startling contrast to Broetzmann’s scurrying verbosity; Noble and Edwards buttressing the music with their usual fascinating hive-mind clatter. 
‘Mental Shake’ is another great release from the Café Oto house label OTOROKU. A performance of exquisite confusion clarified in thunderous violence.

‘Mental Shake’ is available here.

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