LOUP – Modern Heretic EP (Gaffer Records)


LOUP are a duo of Clément Edouard and Sheik Anorak employing drums and saxophone with electronics in a mind-scrouring EP for Gaffer Records label.  ‘Modern Heretic’ ranges from stop-start death grind dynamics and dark stormy layered drone on the title track to the free-fuzz-jazz of ‘Drums Unit 2’, and the obliquely funky judderscape of frantic drumming, skipping cd rhythm-erosion and caustic machine malfunction acid baths that is ‘Way After JC’.
All is not full-on blurt, however.  Burst of silence as jarring as the scolding textures are emitted at intervals; these act as brief respites in an otherwise torrential assault; ragged disintegrating umbrellas.
LOUP operate at an intersection of free-jazz, grind-metal and improvised noise electronics.  Error-rock, reject-jazz; this is pieced together from screaming off-cuts, slivers of shredded sound scorched together at furious pace; a mutating Yves Tanguy bio-morphic shape ascending a rung-less ladder.  With these three blasts of invigorating, fascinating, impassioned music; LOUP have made an EP for those in need of a thorough head-cleaning.
Get ‘Modern Heretic’ here.  Gaffer Records website: here.

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