Mark Hanslip’s 2013 Round-up

Mark Hanslip is a tenor saxophonist; his most recent release, the excellent ‘Weeping Idols’, was very much enjoyed by Ears for Eyes earlier this year.  He is active in a number of groups, duos, and trios.  For more information see the link at the end of this feature to Mark’s blog.  Here are his thoughts on 2013.


In no order at all, my ten favourite records of 2013:

Crabe – ‘Mort de Fraîche Date
I saw this kind of math-punk duo by chance with a group of musician friends in a bar in Montreal in 2008 – deafeningly loud (most people in the room had to defend their hearing), once we’d acclimatised to their insane volume level it became clear we were hearing something very special, and I’ve been checking them out ever since. This is their latest release.

Damon Smith (double bass) / Fred van Hove (piano) / Peter Jacquemin (cello) – ‘Burns Longer’ (Balance Point Acoustics)
Startlingly good piano playing on a beautifully recorded release from a gig at l’ Archiduc in Brussels, released on Damon Smith’s own label.

Erik Friedlander (cello/compositions) (with Ikue Mori (laptop) and Sylvie Courvoisier (piano) ) – ‘Claws and Wings’ (Skipstone Records)
Beautiful music from a very personal source, I found out about this record via Jeremiah Cymerman’s 5029 Podcast which is also worth checking.

Morbid Angel – ‘Covenant’ (Earache)
FDR vinyl reissue of one of the all time great death metal albums!!!!

Godflesh – ‘Godflesh / Selfless / Us And Them’ – vinyl remaster of the Sheffield industrial metal pioneers’ three best records, all total classics with ‘Selfless’ coming out tops IMHO

Ricart / Millevoi Quartet – Haitian Rail (Gaffer/New Atlantis Records)
Stunning blend of post-rock improv and composition feat New Yorkers Travis Laplante (sax), Ches Smith (drums),
Nick Millevoi (guitar) and Ohio-based Ed Ricart on bass guitar.

Ellery Eskelin / Susan Alcorn / Michael Formanek (Clean Feed)
Beautiful set of melodic free improv with Alcorn’s lap steel guitar really defining the group’s unique sound world.

Davu Seru / Rafael Toral – Live In Minneapolis (Clean Feed)
I’m a big fan of the Minneapolis improvised scene, home to Milo Fine, Jaron Childs, Paul Metzger as well as Davu Seru, who plays great drums on this live set of duos with electronics guy Rafael Toral, whose ‘Space Elements’ records are def worth checking too.

Haiku Salut – ‘Tricolore’ (How Does It Feel To Be Loved)
I bought this one after reading the unanimous praise it was getting in the press, it cheers me up no end.

Autechre – ‘Exai’ (Warp)
No explanation needed!


Mark’s blog can be found here.

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