Disco Insolence’s 2013 Round-up

Disco Insolence is a new tape label with one release to its name so far, an excellent split featuring Solvognen and Chaz Dolo; a link to the Bandcamp page is at the bottom of the post so you can snap up one of the remaining copies.  Here is label creator Jonathan Lee’s look back at 2013.

I find choosing a top ten list of records futile as my listening habits, like most, encompass choosing something different to listen to on a daily basis, mainly as my mp3 player only has 2gb of memory.
So instead, I have just decided to list the albums, EPs and tracks that have got the most play from me this year. In no particular order:
Exai – Autechre (Warp)
2 hour long albums usually reek of self indulgence and awful concepts but Ae managed to pull of a blinding return to form with their funkiest album for a long time.
Midcity – Clipping. (self-released Bandcamp)
Harsh noise and fine emceeing = my most played rap album of 2013. A far cry from Death Grips, as you can hear the lyrics properly, even amongst some of the harshest tones ever commited to a hip hop record. A Bomb Squad for the 21st century? Maybe.
Hot Jone – Maurice’s Hotel Death (Rano)
I’m a newcomer to noise, but this has so many textures, layers and I keep returning to it time and time again. Plus Larry is a genuine talent and another to watch in the future.
Zoiks/Spacecide – CHXFX (self-released/Feral Tapes)
Choosing on CHXFX tape proved impossible, so I’ve listed both. The former tape is bonkers, similar to hearing a late night horror channel show randomly taped over the course of many years. Spacecide is sublime, modular synth business on a par with many of the greats and an overlooked treasure.
Capsules (Lee Gamble remix) off Hardcore EP – Special Request (Houndstooth)
The resurgence of Jungle over the past few years has thrown up some not so interesting works, but Lee’s remix is the only shining light on this otherwise much-hyped release. Akin to his earlier Diversions release for Pan, this sounds to me like two ambient jungle (remember that?) tunes edited together seamlessly into one lovely late night journey.
Watching Dead Empires In Decay – The Stranger (Modern Love)
I’m still digesting this record properly since it’s release, but it’s so much better than the Boreds Of Canada LP people were falling over themselves to proclaim the best thing since sliced bread.
Unfrei – GRMMSK (self-released)
Two tracks of doom dub experimentation following The End. Short but sweet, and as I said when it came out, essential 21st century listening. I’m quoted as such on his bandcamp 🙂
Re-Animator Vol. 1 – oMMM (Exotic Pylon)
Sort of noise and beats and short ambient passages, one of several fine Exotic Pylon releases. I’m not a Boomkat writer so don’t expect a lenghty discourse on the sounds contained within, I just really, really like it.
Please Let Me Back Into Your House – Ship Canal (19f3 Records)
Um, Ship Canal’s droney noise bass noise low budget noise assembled on cracked software noise has made quite an impact on me with his noise. Thanks to Kek-W at 19f3 for the swap.
Back On The Planet – Ras G (Brainfeeder)
Ras G is a modern day artist, and he’s come such a long way since his inital releases, both El-Aylien tapes getting loads of play in my house. This full length encapsulates his digging and production skills and is the best thing to come from the Brainfeeder camp for a long time. Something new reveals itself everytime I listen, a rare feat nowadays.


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