Live – Lume: Overground Collective + On the Roof – Thurs 25th July, 100 Crows Rising, Islington, London


Lume is a new fixture on the London jazz and improvised music calendar, taking place weekly above 100 Crows Rising in Islington.

The first group on tonight was On The Roof, a trio of Lizy Exell (drums), Louis Thomas (bass), William Scott (woodwind), and Matt Gordon, seated in the audience, provided a composition.  The trio performed a mix of material extremely well; Mingus tunes, complex original compositions, and involving improvisations.  One of their original pieces was particularly enjoyable, a collection of disparate stylings enlivened by a clicking motorik coda.  The individual playing was captivating; Excell’s drumming at one point conjuring drones from licked fingers, Scott’s sax was full of soul and complex flurries, Thomas’ bass weaved the ensemble through knotty passages with ease; a group, playful, experimental, and varied in output.

The next act was Overground Collective, who fielded a small army of musicians using an arsenal of electronics, sax, drums, bass, guitar, trumpet, and more.  They ran through a composition based on the deadly sins, which took in raging string bending fury, gusts of noise, tight driving rhythms, contemplative improvisation, wild abandon, and ordered procession.  It was a performance that grabbed attention throughout its seven movements; the band in complete control of its material but knowing when best to cut themselves loose.  Overground Collective were riotously fun, their music full of invention and twisting reallignments.

Based on tonight’s show, Lume looks set to be an essential feature on London’s jazz scene.

More Lume information and listings here.

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