Lodz – Settlement / Clouds Once Before Molten Rock – Live in Alsager (Wild Silence)

Wild Silence is a label run by Delphine Dora. Not settled on any particular genre or mode of playing, it instead releases a diverse range of recordings, from Delphine’s own piano explorations to the wilder territory of Mami Wata’s haunting voice and glassworks. The label's two most recent releases are typically captivating. Lodz is an… Continue reading Lodz – Settlement / Clouds Once Before Molten Rock – Live in Alsager (Wild Silence)

Fallout Shelter Disks: Elizabeth Veldon

In a previous incarnation of Ears For Eyes, a feature was launched that asked artists to list records and items that they would take with them into a fallout shelter. Resemblances between this and a certain BBC Radio 4 programme are purely coincidental. Relaunching Fallout Shelter Disks, Elizabeth Veldon has selected six musical works, one… Continue reading Fallout Shelter Disks: Elizabeth Veldon

Ian Stonehouse – Voyage en Kaleidescope (The Lumen Lake)

‘Voyage en Kaleidescope’ was assembled by Ian Stonehouse over a number of years and consists of collages of field recordings and found sounds, manipulated into strange new forms, released now after a ‘maturation period’ presumably watched over like an anxious scientist observing some writhing, worryingly vigorous slime-mould stressing the boundaries of its glass dish. The… Continue reading Ian Stonehouse – Voyage en Kaleidescope (The Lumen Lake)

Death in Scarsdale – Ruminations (Invisible City Records)

‘Ruminations’ by Death in Scarsdale is another nighttronic transmission from Invisible City, a label thick with nocturnal lurkers. This tape is a two part ooze of sick mouldy tape loops. Fibrous and deceptively delicate REM swirls. Evoking the deep still night, the part where even the foxes sleep. Snatches of bird song sound sarcastic; life-sounds… Continue reading Death in Scarsdale – Ruminations (Invisible City Records)

Alocasia Garden – Colony (Crow Versus Crow)

‘Colony’, the latest noise album from the prolific sound and visual artist Alocasia Garden (aka Reece Thomas Green), for the Crow Versus Crow label, opens with ‘First Light’, a rumbling chipped glass-rimmed drone-throb like a slowly breathing stone chest, an expanding and contracting complaining assemblage, something rigid paradoxically flexing. ‘Consumed by Struggle’ is less orderly,… Continue reading Alocasia Garden – Colony (Crow Versus Crow)

Herhalen round-up: Luke Lund – Rogue Star / Percival Pembroke – Darklands

The Herhalen label has released two tapes so far this year that are bleak and banging; dank and void-cold. Luke Lund’s ‘Rogue Star’ is pulsating, scabrous and violent. Deep night-sky techno, full of treacherous physics, as the album notes have it; a logic being flexed from beneath, space-time skin bulging as something shark-like cruises beneath.… Continue reading Herhalen round-up: Luke Lund – Rogue Star / Percival Pembroke – Darklands