Colleen – A Flame My Love, a Frequency (Thrill Jockey)

Inspired by horror and tragedy, A Flame My Love, A Frequency by Colleen (aka Cécile Schott), is inspired by Cécile's proximity to the awful mass murder committed in Paris on November 2015 at the Bataclan music venue and some of the surrounding bars and cafes in the Republique area. Cécile was in the area just… Continue reading Colleen – A Flame My Love, a Frequency (Thrill Jockey)

Fallout Shelter Disks: IX Tab

IX Tab is a transmitter of psychedelic electronica. A signposter of alternative art-histories, theorising the what-might-have-beens of the 20th century war-swept avant-garde. A conjurer of dreaming mind-states. And, perhaps most importantly, the creator of some weird and beautiful music.   Fallout Shelter Disks is a feature that asks artists for a list of the music… Continue reading Fallout Shelter Disks: IX Tab

Áine O’Dwyer – Beast Diaries / Sophie Cooper – The Curfew Tower Recordings

Beast Diaries and The Curfew Tower Recordings are two releases where the music is intimately bound with the place it was created, by two artists interested in site-specific sound-conjuring. Áine O'Dwyer’s Beast Diaries is a collection of field-recordings and ‘guerrilla’ live performances; comprising improvisations of pipe-organ playing, echoing vocal venue-explorations, chattering birds in communication with… Continue reading Áine O’Dwyer – Beast Diaries / Sophie Cooper – The Curfew Tower Recordings

Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh – Oreing (Fort Evil Fruit)

Spinning, smashing, mixing; these actions are at the heart of Oreing, Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh’s solo viola debut album, released by the Fort Evil Fruit label. Concher, the title of the first track, refers to a person who operates a mortar and pestle-like machine that grinds and warms ingredients to refine flavour and texture; a perfect… Continue reading Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh – Oreing (Fort Evil Fruit)

Clara Engel – Songs for Leonora Carrington (Wist Rec)

“Wouldn't it be wonderful if I won a helicopter in a crossword puzzle competition? There is not much hope though I am afraid, as they never give such practical prizes.” - Leonora Carrington, The Hearing Trumpet Expecting Songs for Leonora Carrington from Toronto based guitarist and songwriter, Clara Engel, to fully capture the bizarre and… Continue reading Clara Engel – Songs for Leonora Carrington (Wist Rec)