Áine O’Dwyer – Beast Diaries / Sophie Cooper – The Curfew Tower Recordings

Beast Diaries and The Curfew Tower Recordings are two releases where the music is intimately bound with the place it was created, by two artists interested in site-specific sound-conjuring. Áine O'Dwyer’s Beast Diaries is a collection of field-recordings and ‘guerrilla’ live performances; comprising improvisations of pipe-organ playing, echoing vocal venue-explorations, chattering birds in communication with… Continue reading Áine O’Dwyer – Beast Diaries / Sophie Cooper – The Curfew Tower Recordings

Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh – Oreing (Fort Evil Fruit)

Spinning, smashing, mixing; these actions are at the heart of Oreing, Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh’s solo viola debut album, released by the Fort Evil Fruit label. Concher, the title of the first track, refers to a person who operates a mortar and pestle-like machine that grinds and warms ingredients to refine flavour and texture; a perfect… Continue reading Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh – Oreing (Fort Evil Fruit)

Clara Engel – Songs for Leonora Carrington (Wist Rec)

“Wouldn't it be wonderful if I won a helicopter in a crossword puzzle competition? There is not much hope though I am afraid, as they never give such practical prizes.” - Leonora Carrington, The Hearing Trumpet Expecting Songs for Leonora Carrington from Toronto based guitarist and songwriter, Clara Engel, to fully capture the bizarre and… Continue reading Clara Engel – Songs for Leonora Carrington (Wist Rec)

Wound – Clinomania (Illuminated Paths)

'Clinomania' is an obsessive desire to lie down and rest, it is also the new album by Wound. The music on this release might be exhausting but is ultimately liberating.  It opens with roaring, tunnel-digging noisetronics, software-chewed shouting stretched over violently flexing harshly granulated drone, a never-ending hellish swarming overflight of hostile aircraft. The pitch-black… Continue reading Wound – Clinomania (Illuminated Paths)

Laura Cannell – HUNTER HUNTRESS HAWKER (Brawl Records)

Songs from a tenuous place; HUNTER HUNTRESS HAWKER’s instrumentals are single-take solo violin recordings from a semi-ruined church being approached by an eroding cliff edge. Laura Cannell’s music on this release is as bracing as a gust of coastal wind. It has similar properties, it eddies,  sighs, whispers, and blows with hard sustained force. Gaps… Continue reading Laura Cannell – HUNTER HUNTRESS HAWKER (Brawl Records)

Joanne Pollock – Stranger (Timesig/Planet Mu)

‘How does a city decide who belongs on its streets?’ is asked at the beginning of Stranger by Joanne Pollock, the Canadian artist’s debut full-length album. The idea that you can wander a city’s streets but not ‘live’ on them, the experience of being lonely and emotionally dislocated from your surroundings and the people in… Continue reading Joanne Pollock – Stranger (Timesig/Planet Mu)

Fallout Shelter Disks: Mark Chickenfish

  Fallout Shelter Disks is a feature that asks artists which six musical works, one book, and one luxury item they would pick to take into a nuclear bunker. Any resemblances to a certain BBC Radio 4 programme are purely coincidental. Mark Chickenfish is the nom de sound behind Concrete / Field,  an electronica artist transmitting… Continue reading Fallout Shelter Disks: Mark Chickenfish