Death in Scarsdale – Ruminations (Invisible City Records)


Ruminations’ by Death in Scarsdale is another nighttronic transmission from Invisible City, a label thick with nocturnal lurkers. This tape is a two part ooze of sick mouldy tape loops. Fibrous and deceptively delicate REM swirls. Evoking the deep still night, the part where even the foxes sleep. Snatches of bird song sound sarcastic; life-sounds in a desolate, airless space of eerie torpidity.. The whole thing slithers along with a creaking progression. Its fuzz and ringing tones often cut momentarily as the tape ribbon makes a tired lunge over a mossy head. Absorbing this tape is like being a bored CCTV operator monitoring an empty car park, listening to a degraded relaxation nature-sounds tape; voice chatter bubbling up like a surveillance recording of a dinner party, a wobbly relic of something that has been shared and played back repeatedly for some opaque reason. The camera panning over empty streets; a feeling of there being something in the nothing, an agency and sentience to the untrodden pavements. The sensation that if you stop looking, something will wander with sinister nonchalance across the scene, but you continue watching and it doesn’t appear, but the expectation remains. Field recordings from empty places.

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