Isnaj Dui – Euplexia (Rural Colours)

‘Euplexia’ is the new album from Isnaj Dui (aka Katie English); like her previous work it combines bass flute and electronics, with the addition of dulcimers on this release.  Beatific and almost entirely peaceful, the songs unfurl like petals seeking the sun; organic and plant-like in construction and pacing, progress occurs in slow steady growth, curls and incremental lunges; mind encircling sound-vines.  ‘Euplexia’ is not entirely homogenous in tone, the calm is disturbed by the slide of ‘Basement Floors’ into dank dripping subterranean spaces, stagnant pools of clanking percussion dripping ceaselessly.
The musical structures within ‘Euplexia’ appear eroded rather than written, like a menhir which has long-since lost its original boundaries, reshaped by wind and rain.  The electronics and loops are coated in moss and sap; acorns as processors, rocks as pedals; the bass flute winding like twisted branches.

There is something of the woods about Isnaj Dui; the woods in all their guises; as peaceful retreat from urbanism, unsettling home of unseen creatures, or mythic womb of many a folk-tale.  This is all encompassed in ‘Euplexia’; the album meandering through many textures and atmospheres. As Isnaj Dui, Katie English makes beautiful wind-borne music, swept to and fro like falling leaves, arcs of sound described in descending curves.

Buy ‘Euplexia’ here.

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