Raining Leaf / Wizards Tell Lies – Fallen (Chapel Yard)


The Chapel Yard label’s most recent release is ‘Fallen’, a 25 minute single-track collaboration between Raining Leaf and Wizards Tell Lies.  It awakes with tenuous sonar traces, like a musical substance hunted and pursued, a submarine sweeping an oceanic trench, stumbling upon a whistling tone of unnatural beauty.  Echoing guitar lines are cut through with degraded electronic filters.  A drone encroaches and recedes.  Soft high-notes ascend like bubbles vented from air tanks.  The signal is later lost in drift and ambient hum, as if the sound became aware of its audience and retreated into silence, replaced with the mysterious sonic violence of a teeming alien reef.  Simple rhythmic patterns return and lend some solidity to the swirling noise; ultimately fruitless, but poignantly so.  Structure often arrives in the form of melodic fragments, frantic barrel-struck beats, or closely looped murk, before disappearing back into formlessness. 
Raining Leaf’s Warpish art-rock eclecticism finds the perfect foil here with the crumbling noise of Wizards Tell Lies.  The scraping roar of distorted guitars combine with the turbulence of acidic computer processing, a sound sorted, sifted and then blown into current-dragged motes. 
This release is one to explore deeply, it is as enticing as it is forbidding, entrancingly opaque and subtly sinister for much of its duration.  Despite the drift, it is expertly composed, its frame becoming clearer over time, the drone and rotor-spun aural mud of its first half giving way to a bright and hypnotically repetitive coda, cymbals struck over a gently revolving clock-melody of chimes.  Emerging into warm sunlight, it evaporates as if it had never existed at all.
Purchase ‘Fallen’ here.

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