Time Attendant – Treachorous Orb (More Than Human)

There is a collection of amazing non-genre electronics-focussed music coalescing around various sonic nodal points at the moment: the Outer Church club night in Brighton; London’s Horse Hospital venue; several labels – Exotic Pylon, The Geography Trip, Front & Follow; the ‘Down to the Silver Sea’ compilation; and the ‘Collision/Detection’ EP series.  All these places and many more contain cross-pollinating spores of weird audio.  Paul Snowdon’s Time Attendant alias is from this axis of strangeness and releases his latest EP on the excellent More Than Human label.
‘Treacherous Orb’ enfolds and emits a chaotic scatter of sci-fi psych and broken radiophonica.  Wafting palls of squeaking fall-out drizzle are parted by melancholy bloop melodies and clicking Geiger-counter beats.  Haunted mood-music for abandoned broken-hulled space-stations.  The tunes of rusty wheel-less ice-cream vans fail to materialise substantially through the medium of glowing wires and smoking boxes, their clanging tin notes echoing around squirming cables.  One highlight, ‘The Hexapod Star Shuffle’, has words supplied by Dolly Dolly, who’s recent album ‘Antimacassar’ (Exotic Pylon) is also more than worth your time; vocals uttering such things as “head of cow” and “animal head sun disk” indicating totemic nature worship in blasted scrap-infested spaces that haven’t nurtured a living creature in decades; a machine concrete collage of furred buzz, rapid clicks, shuffling defeated beats, brief bell intrusions, and ringing sonar pings.
This is an alien and strange disk housing oddtronic transmissions from flickering televisions in cobwebbed warehouses, the sets attended to by cowled supplicants; electrical plugs and cables dangling from robe sleeves.  ‘Treacherous Orb’ is ritualistically weird, an invocation of itself – sounds summoning sounds to entice further sounds; a music burrowing into itself; another dream-dredge from the mind of Paul Snowdon; a spooky and hallucinogenic brain-baking delight.

More info on Paul Snowdon here.  Purchase the EP here.

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