The Resource Centre – Low Fantasy EP (The Geography Trip)

Electronica imbued with the outdoors; tunes structured like a lattice of bare branches; clicks, beats, ticks, all settling in place like rain on a pond, a sympathetic clash of complex ripples, a chaotic natural order; ‘Low Fantasy EP’ by The Resource Centre is a masterpiece.

Opening song ‘Low Fantasy’ introduces this EP perfectly; spooky frosted folkish synth meandering bathed in the soft hiss of breeze through leaves; the song eventually flowing back on itself in a lush icy Möbius strip, tape whispers flickering at the edges like lens-flare.  ‘The Hour Angle (The Sun, It Rises Everywhere)’ loops spoken vocals, the words entwined in unfolding melodies made from small drops of tiny dulcimer beats, falling like dew from a bird’s shivered motion.  ‘High Fantasy’ wraps lushly bowed cello around itself, knotted with rushes of reversed pipe-wheeze, a dream-like miniature fugue. 
The centrepiece of ‘Low Fantasy’, ‘Round (Music)’ is heart-achingly beautiful, a work of intricately ringing clockwork majesty to rival Aphex Twin’s ‘Nannou’.  It effortlessly gains direct access to your nervous system, every ping and sharply tuned clash loaded with wonder; increasing in complexity through several subtle incremental cranks of an unseen handle, bass reverberations adding weight, preventing it from becoming pure drifting vapour.  This is minimal process-music washed in soft early-evening light, an audio magic-hour; the sort of song you feel something should happen during, something amazing, so the two would be forever indelibly joined.
‘Low Fantasy’ is an astonishingly good work from The Resource Centre.  A record that stains you; no one will see it, but you’ll know it’s there, etched on your soul; a work of magic, no sleight of hand here however, but real mysterious ineffable magic.  Trying to write a review that does it justice was an enjoyably pointless exercise.

Purchase ‘Low Fantasy’ here.  More information on The Geography Trip here.

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