Howie Reeve – Friendly Demons (self released)

‘Friendly Demons’ is a collection of 12 impressively wide-ranging compositions for solo acoustic-bass guitar by Howie Reeve, former member of Tattie Toes.  His songs wander down snaking multifarious paths, taking the listener through several stylistic contortions that never jar or appear forced into place.  The songs lithely wind flamenco-like knots into smooth post-rock grooves; sudden scribbles of punk riffing interrupt folkish meandering; ambient textural passages become embroiled in bursts of dissonant noise.  This is all achieved remarkably intuitively, an eclecticism that feels entirely natural and uncontrived, as if all these elements have always existed within each other.  The looser explorative sections are never far from a captivatingly beautiful melody, tunes that will run around your mind for hours; these are often elaborated into fine filigreed intricacy or steadily whittled away to nothing over several iterations.  Recalling at various points, and often within the same song, Papa M, Mike Watt, Arab Strap, and Derek Bailey, Howie Reeves nonetheless marks out his own territory, mapping an inner cartography of constantly shifting shorelines and sudden unexpected inlets.  ‘Friendly Demons’ possesses an unassuming and subtle power that will hold you spellbound.
Buy Friendly Demons here.

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