Maurice’s Hotel Death – And The Way Out EP (self-release)

Pouring a tape by Maurice’s Hotel Death into your head is a sure way to lose yourself; continuing from the fantastic ‘Hot Jone’ album on Rano, this EP finds Larry Crywater exploring a hard-to-place feeling of dread-filled poignancy.  The first side has desperately plaintive piano melodies resounding forlornly in an abandoned rusted hulk; drones and scraping clanks echoing down dripping corridors.  Like ‘Hot Jone’ this release follows its own narrative logic, never merely a splatter of noise, it groans and throbs on the peripheries of structure and sense but resolutely refuses to move in a linear direction; music that invites exploration and contemplation.  There is also room for rhythm and motion, ‘Night Memory (Larry Crywater mix)’ has a clattering degraded dust-cluttered techno framework, but one that appears strained and struggling to restrain the chaotic unease at its core. 
‘And The Way Out’ is another brilliant page fallen from the dubiously stained notebook of Maurice’s Hotel Death, a page containing symbols that appear inscrutable but nonetheless naggingly insistent, instructions for dark festivities that have gone unmarked, and should perhaps remain ever so.

Get a copy here.

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