Alex Ward’s 2013 Round-up

Alex Ward is a clarinettist and guitarist working in both composed works and improvisation.  A member of many scratch duos and trios, he also plays in N.E.W, Forebrace, Dead Days Beyond Help, God’s Mama, and other bands.  This summer also saw the premiere of his composition for quintet ‘Glass Shelves and Floor’.  A regular feature at London’s amazing water-borne music night Boat-Ting, he is one of the most fascinating musicians currently on the scene.  Here are his 2013 end of year lists.


Top 3 albums released by great metal bands in 2013 which, despite being really, really good, were not quite as good as I hoped they were going to be. Or maybe that should be albums that, despite not being quite as good as I hoped they were going to be, were still really, really good. Either way, these albums are all really, really good. Not quite as good as I hoped they were going to be, though.

1. Antedliuvian – Logos (Nuclear War Now!)
2. Portal – Vexovoid (Profound Lore)
3. Gorguts – Colored Sands (Season Of Mist)

Top 4 confirmations in 2013 that the time-honoured classic rock formula of guitars+drums+vocal-summoning-of-wilful-antagonism-towards-all-generally-endorsed-societal-values has not yet run out of potential:

1. Pere Ubu live at the 100 Club, November 11th
2. The Fall – The Remainderer EP (Cherry Red)
3. The Devil (self-titled album, Copy Records)
4. Cellular Chaos (self-titled album, UgExplode) 

Find Alex’s music on Bandcamp and follow him on Twitter.  Keep up to date with the Boat-Ting programme here.

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