Larry Crywater’s 2013 Round-up

Larry Crywater aka Maurice’s Hotel Death is responsible for one of the most brilliant releases of the year, ‘Hot Jone’ on Rano records.  Here are a few of Larry’s favourite 2013 things.


No order here.

DJ Ford Foster – Function Trax Vol 2 tape
Hard  proper  raw  Trax

Good Throb live
I’m gonna get my first tattoo

Rano label
Support unsurpassed, taste unsurpassed

@CineDiab and @KNLBFRZD present THE SHOUT
In my head forever, one of my favourite film nights ever, put on by this bunch of good-for-nothings

Nacht und Nebel live on Sunday 14th July
presented by 593
To me this was the purest techno (not bang bang) I’ve ever heard, delivered live in the heat.

I Am Lono – Leland single
Bass, synth, drum machine, lyrics, track.
Two of the finest gentlemen on Earth.

Petals – anything he released

Trip Shrubb – Leuder van Frohr limited edition presentation folder tapes
An elegant and pleasing set of tapes with wondrous outsider clanks & drones

Run Dust – Trank Gun tape
Tesla Tapes
‘Wakers’ made me go back in the kitchen

ManMachine – Now I’m Immortal LP
out on tape any minute now 
Contains the greatest song of the 21st century


Investigate the sounds, pictures, and words of Larry Crywater on Tumblr, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp.

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