Into the Deep Abstract: an interview with Auditory Field Theory

“Evan”: the self-aware glitch algorithm running Auditory Field Theory
In the second in a series of interviews with record labels operating in the weird cracks of the internet, we spoke to Evan of Auditory Field Theory.  The label released a run of brilliant albums this year: the crackling threat of The Revenant Sea, the brain-rinsing oddness of Prada & Oregon, the troubling murk of Ape Explorer; all have enriched the ears and mind of this writer.  And so, on to a short Q&A with this wonderful transmitter of sonic oddity.

With the huge amount of music being made and uploaded to the internet every day, how do you cut through the confusion to find artists you are interested in?

It’s impossible to cut though. I’ve always supported the paradigm shift in music with the advent of the Internet. For better or for worse this has created much more choice.

I use social media, some niche blogs and labels to search out new artists. Sometimes I just roll the dice and click around aimlessly.

Are there any albums or artists that have appeared on other labels you would have liked to release yourself?

Countless. But I really enjoy helping the artists who don’t have much of an audience, but should. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to move a lot of units quickly, but that’s not the point of this whole thing.


Auditory Field Theory releases have so far focussed on abstraction, noise, and weird madness; would you ever consider releasing song-based material, however warped and melted?

Sure. We’ll be releasing a tape by the Argentinean artist Oliwa in the coming months. His work is less abstract and more melodic than anything we’ve released before. It’s not my intention to box the label into any specific genre or direction.


Do you align yourself with any particular scene or movement, local or international?

Not really. I tend to keep my head down and do my own thing. I’d like to be more active in the local scene, but unfortunately, I don’t have the time right now.


You aim for “audio lust and hazy logic”; does this refer to a particular sound you look for in artists, or a wide ethos?  Can you explain what you look for when selecting artists to work with?

I really enjoy artists who like to explore the deep abstract.  There is nothing in particular I look for when selecting an artist. Most of the time I think it’s based on intuition, a gut feeling and maybe a little bit of magic.


Does the “deep abstract” relate to a music without obvious tropes or clichés?

I think it’s “abstract” in the sense of art detached from external genres or realities. Free form, no boundaries, zero regard for the establishment, outsider as such. 


Are there any plans for the future that you can share?

Absolutely, we have lots going on. We just released a really good CD by Francisco Meirino. We’re also planning stuff from Oliwa, 6&8 and Crystal Hymns in the very near future. So stay tuned…

Discover Auditory Field Theory at their website here, or Bandcamp page here.

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