Prada & Oregon – His Past of Heaven​-​Floor Permanents – Her Lufa (Auditory Field Theory)

“A light coating of dust covered the bodywork and seats, as if the car were already a distant memory of itself, the lapsed time condensing on it like dew.” – J.G. Ballard, The Drought
This project of Susan Balmer is apparently constructed from several tape loops that develop over time. As soon as side 1 of the tape begins with ‘Everything Turning Into a 5L Bottle of PVA’, her methods seem largely irrelevant; it quickly conjures a vivid aural illusion of field recordings, humming electronics, loops, machine gunk, brain flexing synthscapes, feedback and oddly processed noise.; it slides by like a dream, or a beautiful spectral transmission from a planet composed of audio fluff and sonic detritus.  Which is where the Ballard quote comes in; the whole piece sounds choked with dust and age but in no way decrepit, merely like something long lost but rediscovered; something from a time and place where music was made differently.  The temporal space it exists in is very odd, the piece as a whole seems to vanish all too soon but individual moments freeze and dissect the mind.  Like a dream-creature, it sits and gathers sounds around itself, creating a sonic fur of surreal lustrous brilliance.  A truly weird piece of music; otherworldly and inhuman but completely captivatingly intuitive; it seems so organic as to be almost sentient; perhaps listened to you while you listen to it, as confused and bewildered as you are.
The second side’Her Margin of the Great Mao Eastern Barrier’ is more easily comprehensible as noise music.  A drilling, violent intensity is eventually buried in cosmic drone and whirling smashed organ rumble before being eaten by some kind of crunching compacting software algorithm
Another great release from Auditory Field Theory, part  1 of ‘His Past of HeavenFloor Permanents – Her Lufa’ is a minor-masterpiece of head wrecking psych madness; posted from a world who’s denizens are only capable of saying, over and over:  “What the hell is going on?”; these same six words forming an infinite mantra of enlightened confusion.
This is a tape with two sides but 13 dimensions.

Request entry to its sound-portal via pan-dimensional courier here.

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