The Revenant Sea – The Revenant Sea (Auditory Field Theory)

This self titled debut by Matt Bower’s Revanant Sea alter ego is another fascinating release from the weird and wonderful Auditory Field Theory label. 

Beginning with ‘It’s Been Following the Plane Since Moscow’, the listener is immediately thrown into dark and troubling sonic waters.  The sound of creaking swings and distressed metal is gradually overtaken by fierce stabs of noisy fuzz in a slowly unfolding atmosphere of menace and chilly disquiet.  This is followed by ‘A Little Extermination Project (We Will Burn)’ which pairs more aching metal sighs with some rich bass tones and harsh synth discordance.  ‘Induced Mutations for Acceleration Domestication’ continues with some disturbing snuffling, like coming across a pig rooting throught a pile of dirty clothes in a half-fallen down barn; apart from a brief diversion into a beautiful clanking echoing chamber, this piece resembles an army of insects intent on building something they can’t possibly comprehend, it hints at a structure but refuses to solidly come together.  ‘And They Swept the Stars from our Sky’ closes the album with deep drones, a distant heartbeat and swaying rusty gongs, a perfectly creepy ending to a collection of music that should inspire subtle nightmares, or doubts about whether that sound you heard really was a bird on the roof, or something altogether more sinister.

The whole album seems infused and burnt with radiation; like something withered and scorched.  A bleak but strongly evocative listen, this is music for dark and wintry evenings, preferrably one where you’re unsure if the sun will rise in the morning.

Purchase the album here.

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